Electra Edward

The Kink Within


Well where to begin… I am very technical and experienced bi-sexual fluid/trans switch who likes to play extreme. I am also a ethical slut/relationship anarchist who focuses more on intelligence and connection, your age/look doesnt hold much interest.. My preference is in Femdom however I do enjoy all dynamics if the connection forms.

I have taught workshops, worked in sex/fetish shops, have been the dungeon monitor/master/switch at clubs, taken part in filming for TV broadcast as well as fetish/adult modelling and catwalks. I consider myself very intelligent, emotionally advanced and very observant, I know how to use my body, equipment and toys to their maximal potential. I may be young but my age is irrelevant as this is my domain, my passion, my life…

I have a massive latex fetish. I find the material super sexy and unique, the smell, the feel,  the shininess. I literally have a obsession with it (alongside a few other things). I consider myself to be a an extreme sadomasochist, I get such a release from pain it’s almost like a reset button to me and when I am dishing out the pain… well I am able to relate but I also get incredibly turned on seeing someone push their pain limits to please me. I do love to combine restraint with pain play, oh the resistance just adds another layer, no escape, just surrender and acceptance. (I’m no fan of a feather tickler, pass me the cattle prod!!) Single tails, dragon tails, canes, floggers etc are more to my liking, I find myself a lot of the time when crafting new toys thinking ‘how can i make this more painful then the last’.  I am generally very slutty and have the ability to play with anyone (this does not mean because I enjoy it, then I will just do it for free). 

R.A.C.K  And Dark Desires

The play I engage is allays RACK (risk awareness consensual kink) and when playing with new people or clients I always use safe words, however in a established connection that I have with another I don’t like nor desire safe words unless it is a life threatening issue.This is because I firmly believe that if you know each other very well and the limits then you should know how far you can go but also just watching, communicating and listening… However with myself I do have dark desires around CNC (consensual non consent) that can only be engaged with someone I would literally trust my life with… Those dark desires usually consist of extreme torture and pain, my psychology wants to see just how far my body can be pushed in terms of pain and suffering, I have engaged in this form of play a few times and have found this to be a powerful way to invoke certain emotions, strengthen trust, answer question or create questions… with all that said, it is something I do NOT RECOMMEND unless both players are very experienced and understand all risks involved fully.     

As A Sub/Bottom

Pain play to me is a primary must have in my life, I love being caned, flogged, whipped etc. I am very keen on being marked and can become disappointed if I am not marked. For me it’s more the psychological aspect rather then sexual, yes I love being beaten and if the option of restraint is there then I love being made incapable of moving. If I trust the dominant, I will let them take me beyond and make me cry. It makes me feel relieved and happy but also surrendering my fears and control. I have engaged in being scarified at a fetish club as a performance which was very unique, my next quest would be a hook suspension. When subbing the dom/domme has to exhibit control, as much as I like to please the person, I do also like to push there limits to provoke a reaction, some call this bratty however I feel this can really bring out characters.. I am a very greedy bottom, when it comes to anal, the deeper and wider it is the better. Again there’s a lot of psychology involved but also sexually, I am obsessed with being fisted or fucked hard with a strap-on etc. I’m not a fan of sucking but I do get turned on being forced to. My nipples are a very excitable place which is shown by the fact that they have 3.2mm piercings. I enjoy pretty much all forms of play as sub/bottom and have engaged in many many different types… I’m naturally a explorer and love helping others explore, maybe I have a fetish for being a test subject/guinea pig….

As A Dom/Top

Control… Power… Psychology… A few key words in the way I dom/top, I can be very controlling and demanding and not afraid to punish accordingly with no mercy until the punishment has been administered. I become incredibly focused when using implements/toys, they become extensions of my body in which I take great pride in my technique and accuracy. My favourite implements are the single tail and cane. I am very passionate in these roles and take them very seriously, expecting protocol to be adhered at all times until the end of scene. When topping I do love rough sex (sometimes with passion), especially making that person choke and gag on my cock. Oh and audible noise is a important factor for me, I love making someone moan, it turns me on and this then drives the intensity upwards… I consider to be very much in touch with my primal side, if a connection is strong… This is when just using the body for play, raw and animistic… biting, scratching, growling etc…

That all being said as a switch, all roles can  combine or swap around, sometimes I’m a dom/bottom and command my sub to fist me, or maybe I am service topping because I’m being told to. 

Being Polyamorous/Relationship Anarchist

My play when on a romantic and connected level varies and each connection I have is a completely different dynamic. I don’t believe in the typical structure or rules of how a relationship should function this is because I have a large desire to explore as much as possible and would encourage others to do the same… each person has the potential to bring something completely new, I get a lot of  joy  from teaching or helping someone to explore there own dynamics. Intelligence/personality is my main thing I look for when searching for a connection, looks don’t mean anything to me. I really enjoy deep conversations, I need to be stimulated and love talking about the psychology behind things… I see there to be no such perfect person out there, I can’t give you all and you cant give me all and this is when non-monogamy works perfect. However, it requires a lot of trust and communication, it’s not always easy as jealousy and time can be the biggest issues.

Final notes

This is a ongoing ever changing quest of self discovery and has been a fundamental part of my life, fetish/kink/BDSM taught me so much about myself and identity, how to be accepting and open, it also seriously grew my confidence in many ways which has been beautiful to look back on. This is a fluid documentation and will continue to grow as I do, over time I will write some articles and guides – 15/08/2018   

— bdsmtest.org —
100% Switch
100% Experimentalist
99% Rigger
99% Rope bunny
99% Non-monogamist
94% Masochist
89% Primal (Prey)
85% Sadist
73% Dominant
71% Exhibitionist
70% Submissive
66% Primal (Hunter)
51% Degrader
49% Brat
49% Brat tamer
48% Voyeur
46% Ageplayer
44% Master/Mistress
43% Daddy/Mommy
40% Slave
39% Degradee
34% Pet
17% Owner
2% Vanilla
1% Boy/Girl


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