Electra Edward


As well as being a model, I have extensive knowledge in photography and editing. I have shot in many challenging environments and through this I have discovered that almost all types of photography interest me, be this from macro to nightclubs. However, I do have a preference towards naturalistic shooting as this is when I feel expressions are captured at their best. My photography style is something I class as unique as I have never been taught and don’t have any photographers that have inspired me, this has led to me developing my own style in how I shoot. I believe in using natural light as much as possible but I also know how to using lighting/strobes when needed. I do not own high end equipment however I feel photography is not about the gear you have but rather if you naturally have the eye and artistic/creative mind to make something look truly special and with saying this, light is the most important subject.

Follow the link below to view my work and if you are interested in working with me then feel free to contact me via any social links listed or by the Contact Me page.

I will slowly be re-adding all of my work as well as services I offer.