Electra Edward

I initially started dance classes in 2013, this was inspired from my gymnastics training that started in 2011 (I was a national competitive gymnast). I however felt that gymnastics lacked a element of flow and expression which I soon found in dance. I started falling in love with performing which was due to the fact I could express myself without a single word. During my time as both a gymnast and dancer I gained so much insight to myself as it also taught me a lot about team work. I then studied dance and was taught ballet, contemporary and jazz. I wasn’t a fan of jazz but ballet and contemporary were my favourite… I liked ballet because it was strict and focused however I liked contemporary because it was freedom, my favourite style of contemporary is Graham technique. During my time studying I was part of two companies, Interactions Performance Company (Sep 2013 – Jun 2015) and Horizons Performance Company (Sep 2011 – Jun 2013) I was also invited along to company classes like Ballet Boyz and got into the final auditions stage for Matthew Bournes, Lord Of The Flies and various masterclasses. I was always known for being the strongest and having the highest jumps which I put down to the gymnastics training.

Unfortunately I started picking up injuries due to the intensity I was training at and slowly it became very painful to push through, I  experimented with circus skills and pole dancing which I also love, shortly after thisI was invited to a beach party where I saw people using fire equipment,from there I was intrigued and got my own fire poi, staff and body burn sticks, the more I started practising the more I realised that each piece of equipment I used became extensions to my body. I became rather proficient with this and am very confident in fire breathing. 

I took confidence knocks which put most of my performing onto a standstill but its something I am slowly getting back into, I wish to come up with unique and possibly grotesque performances to perform at clubs and on film.

Below is a example of my first solo choreography i performed at college as part of an assessment.