Electra Edward

Miss Electra

Meet my femme persona Miss Electra: a playful slut with some rather sadistic tendencies who wants you bent over!!  

I am a highly experienced 25 year old with blue eyes and naturally long blonde curly hair. I am a pro switch (submissive and dominant) however this persona is far more a domme than a sub. I am completely sexually versatile and pansexual. I have modest size C boobs that match perfectly with my proportions and a special something hidden behind my zip: a chunky 6″ dick that I am not afraid to use and if that’s not enough then there’s always my strap-on collection… or fists… I am very slutty and play with anyone human, sane and healthy… 

I can be very strict but sensual, I absolutely love to be adored and worshipped while being encased in my skin tight latex catsuit. As our bodies touch, you feel everything, my body and my warmth but also that distinct sweet aroma of latex. I will want you to shine me until I’m as reflective as water… I practise tight lacing and therefore when corseted my waist can be as small as 24″…. oh and killer heels are a must (size 6 if you want to buy me a pair). Latex is my preference but I don’t have to wear this during session (especially for those unfortunate to have a allergy).

I cater for a wide range of levels, have no fear if you are beginner or are curious, I am very happy to show you the ropes and initiate you into the world of kink. For those of you that are experienced… be careful what you wish for, I can be a very strict bitch. I very much like smothering/face-sitting and love seeing that struggle for breath when I shove my rubber tits in your face or when I look down down and see you face between my crotch. You will soon be my toy for my own pleasures and desires. I want you bent over like the slut you are!

I want you to walk away from our session wanting more, questioning everything you thought you knew. I am incredibly creative and use this to my advantages, at times I will make things seem predictable only to catch you by surprise, I really do genuinely love what I do and it sure reflects in sessions. I have a large collection of my own toys which cater for all, some of these I make myself. I own plenty of latex (corsets, catsuits etc however I always want more). My favourite footwear tend to be Pleaser or Demonia.  


I practise BDSM with RACK (risk awareness consensual kink) all limits are respected and safe words are used. Some interests are more specialist fields and need more discussion as there may be other costs involved (single use equipment) or more planning (these are marked with a asterisk).

I get STD tested on a bi-monthly basis, healthy,   immunised and only engage safe sex practises.

Interests are marked by what role I prefer (i.e. caning (G/R) means i am  happy to give and receive whereas humiliation (G) means I only give) this list is not extensive and some may not be listed.

Anal Sex (G/R)
Bondage/Restrained (G/R)
Boot Worship (R)
Body/Feet Worship (R) 
Breath Play (G)
Caning (G/R)
CBT (Cock/Ball Torture) (G)
Chastity (£50 Monthly*) (G)
CP (Corporal Punishment) (G/R)
Deep Throating (G/R)
Electro Play (Violet Wand/Estim) (G)
Extreme Sadomasochism * (G/R)
Fear/Blackmail Play (G)
Feminisation (G/R)
Financial Domination (G)
Fire Play * (G)
Fisting (G/R)
Flogging (Single/Florentine) (G/R)
Forced-Bi (G/R)
Forced Intox * (G)
Forced Exercise (Qualified PT) (G)
Hardsports (Add £50*) (G)
Heavy Rubber (G/R)
Humiliation (G)
Medical Play * (G)
Milking (G/R)
Needle Play * (G)
Nipple Torture (G/R)
OTK (Over The Knee) (G/R)
Paddling (G/R)
Piercings * (G)
Puppy Play (G/R)
Roleplay (G/R)
Sadomasochism (G/R)
Scratching (G/R)
Sensory Play/Deprivation (G/R)
Sluts (G/R)
Sounding (G/R)
Smoking Fetish (G/R)
Spanking (G/R)
Strap-on (G/R)
Tease And Denial (G)
Tickle Torture (G)
Watersports (Add £10*) (G/R)
Whipping (G/R)

Tribute And Booking Infomation


I have a wide range of venues that I can hire. Mostly dungeons, however I do have a selection of venues that are more private. The main dungeon I use and know best is located in Brixton. The price of hire for venues is between £30-£50 per hour, this is to be added on top my set rate. Alternatively I am happy to meet at a hotel, your own residence or a sauna.

— You can view the dungeons here —


1 Hour (60 Min) – £140
1.5 Hours (90 Min) – £210
2 Hours (120 Min) – £280
Each additional hour is £110
Overnight bookings (12 Hours Max) – £650-£950



I am London based however I can travel to pretty much anywhere in the UK via public transport, any bookings outside of zones 1-6 will incur travel expenses added to set rate (this would be discussed before hand). Any travel that takes longer then 90 minutes will require the booking to be 2 hour minimum. I own a passport so can also travel internationally and do occasionally tour Berlin.

Sometimes I can do same day bookings. However please bear in mind I am extremely busy and usually need at least 24 hours notice.  

You understand that you are not paying for my time, these prices listed are simply the expected minimum tribute for the time I spend with you. My time is valuable and therefore I will expect a non-refundable deposit beforehand, there are various ways this deposit can be submitted. 

You are expected to arrive clean, sober and on time. Any time lost due to you being late will not be regained.

I do also offer a slight discount if I am allowed to film during the session, you will be required to sign a model release form and show ID. These videos will become part of my clip store or be distributed on Clips4Sale, Adultwork or ManyVids. You can wear a hood to conceal identity if you wish however there will not be as much of a discount. You will receive a copy for you own viewing pleasure and not to be distributed. 

Curious about that shiny material I love so much? Come and let me show you why its such a delight. 
I met you at a club, took you back to my lares and you find yourself curious about the bulge??
You want to push what you know about your own sexuality and want to find a way to bridge this??

Time to book a session then…

If for any reason you cannot use the booking form please use the following number or email. Text messages/whatsapp for initial conversation, do not call unless instructed to!!! Make your initial message count and always address me as Miss Electra.