Electra Edward
Electra Edward

Welcome to my site, I am a London based kink specialist and work in quite a few different professions.

This site contains all of my work and information on how to book me or enquire for other services as well as providing community support.

Take a step into my domain and see what I am really about, raw and unrestricted!

You May Never Have Awoken

I am in hospital after have life saving surgery which lead to complications and further surgery. Follow the story here…


Electra Edward

The slut of all


Edward Fenrir

Dom Persona, highly skilled in BDSM, eclectic and extremely sadistic.


Cherry Poppers

Poly switches into extremes and taking first times



Contains my porn clip stores for all the naughty stuff.



This is my store that features all the creations I make.

Edward is a great guy with a fit,smooth body. We had a long session together in my hotel room which was – at my request – fairly ‘vanilla’.However, Adam is deeply into BDSM – do read his full profile – and I would recommend anyone of a similar persuasion to arrange a meeting with him. He was an interesting and chatty dinner companion afterwards I’m planning to meet him again soon.

Master Edward paid a visit to my hotel room. This time he was to be the dom and I the sub.. He quickly changed into his latex suit,stripped me,bound my wrists and ankles and proceeded to cane and tawse me. Then he ravished me with the biggest dildo I have ever taken – both in length and diameter . He ran over my nipples and belly with a pinwheel and strapped a balls stretcher round my scrotum,then finished by probing a selection of sounds into my cock.

If you enjoy submission,Edward is inventive and expert in exploring male (and female) pleaseure pain thresholds.He has few inhibitions and really does do what he claims on his profile. 

Energetic, sexy and oh so very kinky. An awesome session, extended to a overnight session


Edward arrived on time and delivered as promised. Really professional guy for great BDSM fun. we will be booking again. Thanks Edward.

Portfolio Work


From nude to bodypaint, I enjoy the strange and alternative.


Former gymnast and dancer. Now focused on fire and pole.


A focus on fluidity and movement, capturing more than we see.


Recycle, re-purpose and improve. I enjoy the challenge.


Techno is my main thing, however I enjoy anything HARD.


Behind the camera I focus on naturalistic behaviours.


From TV broadcast to fetish/porn videos.